What's the good in being good?
Sac to Chico. 19.
I'm Daisy and I care too much, sleep too much, and like drinking a little too much.


sidechick: did u see the pic?

me: what pic?

sidechick: the one of us I put on insta

me: image

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*gets anon hate from the dog with a blog*

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hickeys are beautiful because they are the only time a bruise results from love and affection rather than harm

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i love kissing so much how it can be soft and romantic or hard and passionate or lazy and sleepy or affectionate and then it’s like you like the person and they like you because you are kissing and it’s just you two and you can close your eyes and there will be nothing in the world except that

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“A passionate woman is worth the chaos.”

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Moment of silence for straight girls whose boyfriends don’t go down on them

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“Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry.”

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i can’t wait until october when there’s no sun outside and everything is cute colors and it’s cold and there are terrible horror movies on tv, my power is at its peak then

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